Blue Labour at Labour party conference 2015 – Out of the Blue: Can Blue Labour save the party?

Tuesday 29th September 17 .45 – 19.00

Regent Room, Brighton Grand Hotel, BN1 2FW

This event is hosted by ResPublica

Labour’s emphatic defeat at the 2015 General Election served as a warning-call; the New Labour vision which had swept it to office in 1997 was no longer relevant with a changed and jaded public. More worrying still was the haemorrhaging of votes to UKIP and the stabilisation of working class support for the Conservatives. For the first time in a generation, Labour is no longer the default choice for low-income voters, alienated from the largely socially conservative workers who once formed the core of its support.


As hinted at in Jon Cruddas’ comprehensive review of the electoral defeat, the causes of New Labour’s demise are well established. Labour has always been a broad church, but a move towards the liberal attitudes of its metropolitan voters has in turn alienated a working class with genuine social concerns. Likewise, its focus on equality has seemingly come at the expense of promoting the aspirations which many across the country harbour. In trying to be all things to all people Labour has forgotten what it is at all.


In the wake of a dramatic leadership election and sea change in the party, perhaps it is time to return to the values of Blue Labour. Labour, its detractors say, can sometimes stand for nothing. Blue Labour offers it a chance to stand for the common good, a collective vision of what our country could be. This event will explore the potential opportunities for Blue Labour thought in the party, and the need for a re-examination of its values in a changed political landscape.



  • Ros Wynne Jones, Senior Feature Writer, Daily Mirror (chair)
  • Lord Maurice Glasman
  • David Lammy MP, Member for Tottenham
  • Simon Danczuk MP, Member for Rochdale
  • Dr Adrian Pabst, University of Kent

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