Blue Labour – Forging a New Politics – Manchester, Saturday 26 November 2016

Blue Labour – Forging a New Politics – Manchester, Saturday 26 November 2016

Brexit will change Britain and the Labour party. Blue Labour was one of the few movements within Labour that genuinely debated whether Britain should Leave or Remain. It is the only movement capable of grappling with the problems the country and the party face.

This conference continues Blue Labour’s tradition of challenging the stagnant liberal thinking of the party’s establishment. This is needed now more than ever. And the line-up reflects this. You will not find another event that involves Lisa Nandy MP, from Labour’s soft left, and Steven Woolfe MEP, recently of UKIP.

Blue Labour’s thinking has included wide-ranging analyses but at its heart has remained a key insight: an all-out embrace of liberalism has alienated the Labour Party from its traditional working-class support. At this conference we have a host of excellent speakers who will further explore this key claim, assessing the current state of the Labour Party and asking what we need to do to once again reconnect with those who no longer see us as, or wish for us to be, a Party of government.

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Current confirmed speakers include (more to follow – check back for updates):

  • Maurice Glasman – academic, Labour peer and Blue Labour founder.
  • Lisa Nandy MP – Member of Parliament for Wigan
  • Rowenna Davis – teacher, journalist, author, and political commentator.
  • David Goodhart – Editor at large of Prospect magazine, ex-Director of Demos. Now at Policy Exchange.
  • Rod Liddle – author, political commentator, and associate editor of The Spectator.
  • Kevin Meagher – political commentator and author.
  • Nora Mulready – Labour activist and commentator.
  • Phillip Blond – academic and Director of the thinktank ResPublica, author of Red Tory.
  • Fr Michael Docherty – educator, speaker and priest.
  • Adrian Pabst – author and lecturer, editor of the original Blue Labour collection.
  • Claire Fox – broadcaster and writer, founder of the Institute of Ideas
  • Ros McMullen – activist, commentator and former CEO of the LEAF Academy Trust.
  • John Milbank – academic, author and critic.
  • Rachel Burgin – Labour activist and PPC, member of the Christians on the Left.
  • Steven Woolfe MEP – former UKIP (now Independent) MEP for North West England
  • Rob Ford – academic, author and political commentator
  • Graham Jones MP – Member of Parliament for Hyndburn