Good Labs – Relational Politics

Saturday 21 November 2015, 10am to 3pm

Newcastle upon Tyne, venue to be confirmed

In the first of a series of gatherings in the North East we welcome Maurice Glasman with whom we will explore the theme of Relational Politics asking, “How can we build a good society together?”

Recent political events such as the energy around the Scottish referendum and indeed the surprise people-movement that secured Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the Labour leadership election indicate that discontent with stale managerial politics is spreading. Our task must be to channel re-awakened political interest in constructive directions, resisting new forms of tribalism by focusing on the common good. In our first Good Labs event Lord Glasman will help us imagine ways to do this.

Lord Glasman is a Labour peer and one of the most prominent national voices contending that the fundamental quality and character of our society has been diminished by the dominance of technocratic politics. He argues that this visionless approach to politics has resulted in individuals and communities being commodified by the market and controlled by the state. Having combined a long academic career with substantial involvement in community organising Lord Glasman brings a unique perspective to today’s political quandaries.

The Good Lab format is interactive, relational and creative, involving plenary sessions and breakout conversations around specific themes and questions.

Please bring your own lunch.

Free tickets can be reserved here.

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