The Primacy of the Social and the Ethical

The Primacy of the Social and Ethical

6 July 2012, 9.30am to 5.00pm

Centre of Theology and Philosophy, University of Nottingham

‘The Primacy of the Social and Ethical – how does Blue Labour speak to the social, political and economic situation in the UK in 2012?’

The aim of this seminar is to gather Blue Labour thinkers, supporters and activists to explore and discuss substantive Blue Labour themes.

Professor John Milbank will give the opening address and Lord Glasman will close the conference. Our panel discussions will cover a broad and critical range of concerns such as political economy, regional and national identity and post-liberal politics.

We will meet, reflect, discuss, agree – and possibly disagree – but above all commit to act.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Ian Geary at The cost is £15 for those in employment and £5 for students and the unemployed. These tariffs are merely to cover the events costs and we will be asking people to pay on the day.