Blue Labour or Bust – Saturday 22 October, Enfield

With Labour faced with another leadership election between two brands of liberalism, the gulf between the Labour Party and it’s traditional working class base (and almost everyone else) has never been greater. An inability to articulate a Labour vision based on place, family and tradition has left the Labour Party marooned on an island of irrelevance.

So join us at Enfield Town Football Club where a host of speakers (including Lord Glasman, Head of Labour Leave Brendan Chilton and Conservative Woman contributor Tamara Chabe) will ask “What’s going on?”, “What is to be done?” and get Labour ready to re-engage everyday realities of the British people.

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Please Note: The event will kick off for 1:45pm but the bar will be open from 12:30, as we look to support the first ever fan owned club in the country, Enfield Town Football Cub. Please arrive as early as possible to show your support and to ensure we can stick to time allocated. Car Parking spaces are available.


Blue Labour – Forging a New Politics – Saturday 26 November 2016, Manchester

Since 2009, Blue Labour has been exploring and detailing the growing disconnect between the Labour Party and those whom it has traditionally sought to represent. This has included wide-ranging analyses – from welfare to economics, mass immigration to family policy – but at its heart has remained a consistent, core insight: an all-out embrace of liberalism, both social and economic, has alienated the Labour Party from its traditional working-class support. This conference aims to further explore those key insights, discerning where common cause might be found beyond the confines of current party orthodoxies, assisting the Labour Party in once again becoming a broad coalition of diverse interests and aims.

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